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In onze online webshop treft u het geheel assortiment van Dr. med. Christine Schrammek. U kunt de volgende Schrammek producten online bestellen en kopen.

Blemish Balm:
Blemish Balm in de kleuren/varianten Honey, Classic, Light, Dark Brown & Snow
BB Perfect Beauty Fluid in de kleuren/varianten Beige, Ivory & Peach

Regulating (groene lijn):
Pure Skin Cleansing Foam, Deep Pore Cleanser, Impurity Stop Ampul, Gel Super Purifant, Special Regulating Cream, Black Clearing Mask, Enzyme Regulating Cream & Peeling, Clear Skin Silver Fluid & Purifying Vital Balm

Essential (gele lijn):
Mix & Match Color Perfector, Soft Foam Cleanser, Super Soft Cleanser, Super Rich Tonic, Herbal Care Lotion, Energy Power Ampul, AloCalm Gel Mask, Optimum Protection Cream SPF20, Perfect Skin Peeling, Solar Protect Fluid SPF50, Special Care Cream, High Perfection Eye Cream

Hydra Maximum:
Moisture Intense Ampul, Hydra Maximum Eye Fluid, Hydra Maximum MaskHydra Maximum Day Cream, Hydra Maximum Night Cream, Daily Hydra Maximum SPF20Hydro Power Fluid Men

Time Control & Ageless Future:
Vitalizing Oil Concentrate, Perfect Future Ampul, Revitalan Mask, Global Defense Cream SPF20Ageless Future Day Cream, Ageless Future Serum, Ageless Future Night Cream, Time Control Eye Cream, Time Control Day Cream, Time Control SerumTime Control Night Cream, Time Control Retinight Essence

Sensitive & Sensiderm:
Sensiderm Sun Cream SPF50, Sensi Calm Ampul, Sensiderm Cleansing Solution, Rosea Calm Cream, ProbioSense, Sensiderm Mask, Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream

Green Peel Skincare:
Green Peel Herbal Active Ampul - Pure & Green Peel Herbal Active Ampul - Vital

Mela White:
Mela White Gel Mask, Mela White Active C Serum, Mela White Day Cream, Mela White Night Cream

Beauty Elements:
Super Body Peeling, Shape Perfection Body Oil, CelluContour Body Cream, Hyaluron HY+ Performance Serum, Skin Elixier, Anti Pollution Ampul, Anti Pollution Day CreamResvera Cell Concentrate, Vitamine C Beauty Flash 

Landen < € 50,00  € 50,00 ~ € 99,99 > € 100,00 Bezorgtijd 
 Nederland€ 5,00GratisGratis1 dag
 België / Belgique€ 5,25GratisGratis1 dag
 < € 65,00€ 65,00 ~ € 99,99> € 100,00 
 Luxemburg€ 9,00GratisGratis1-2 dagen
 Duitsland€ 9,00GratisGratis1-2 dagen
 Frankrijk€ 9,00GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Bulgarije € 12,50GratisGratis4 dagen
 Denemarken€ 9,00 GratisGratis2 dagen 
 Estland€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Finland€ 12,50GratisGratis2-5 dagen
 Griekenland€ 12,50GratisGratis6-9 dagen
 Hongarije€ 9,00GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Ierland€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Italië€ 12,50GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Kroatië€ 12,50€ 12,50Gratis4-5 dagen
 Letland€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Litouwen€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Oostenrijk€ 9,00GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Polen€ 9,00GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Portugal€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Roemenië€ 12,50GratisGratis3-4 dagen
 Slovenië€ 12,50GratisGratis2-4 dagen
 Slowakije€ 12,50GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Spanje€ 12,50GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Tsjechië€ 9,00GratisGratis2-3 dagen
 Verenigd Koninkrijk / UK € 9,00GratisGratis4 dagen
 Zweden€ 12,50GratisGratis2-4 dagen
 Zwitserland€ 16,00€ 16,00Gratis4 dagen

Under the supervision of trained dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio a compact, professional cosmetics range has been developed with the declared goal of helping skin restore its healthy, beautiful complexion. Starting with the care of normal skin to effective hydration and including solutions for special skin problems, this skincare series offers very efficient cosmetic formulas.

Special focus has always been on the development of anti-aging products. This segment represents a huge challenge, as the important thing here is the protection of the skin and correcting the first visible signs of skin aging. At the same time caring for impure skin or skin with a tendency towards problems, as well as sensitive skin, is particularly important to Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio. Healthy skin reflects the wellbeing of a person, and that is why the goal of the dermatological cosmetics of Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio is finding specific solutions for a wide range of skin problems. Developed by a dermatologist for problem skin.

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